Unglaublich (!)

Griechische Polizei:
mit Handschellen gefesselte Demonstrantin als Schutzschild benutzt (!)
The Sydney Morning Herald kommt gerade mit dieser fast unglaublichen Meldung:
„Greek police accused of using ‚human shield'“


„Greek authorities have launched an investigation into allegations that riot police used a female protester as a human shield during demonstrations over a visit to Athens by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, this week.
Witnesses said the young woman, who has yet to be identified, was frogmarched in handcuffs ahead of riot police as protesters threw stones at officers.
‚The girl was falling down and he was picking her up. She was crying and clearly terrified. I couldn’t believe it. You only ever see this sort of thing in the movies. Everyone started screaming ‚Shame on you! Shame on you!‘ I remember there were two women next to me and they were crying, too, and screaming for the police to stop.‘
Sydney Morning Herald