Niederlandes Defizit steigt

„Musterknabe“ bekommt Probleme
Niederlandes Defizit steigt

Junckers Nachfolger als Chef der Eurogruppe soll der niederländische Finanzminister Dijsselbloem werden. Allerdings kämpft dieser derzeit an der „Heimatfront“ mit Problemen: Das Haushaltsdefizit fällt im kommenden Jahr wohl deutlich höher als bisher erwartet. Kein guter Zeitpunkt für den „Musterknaben“ der Eurozone.

Extraordinary EUROGROUP-Meeting on Greece on Oct 26/2012?

Extraordinary EUROGROUP-Meeting on Greece on Oct 26/2012?
According to exclusive information of Brussels correspondent of private ALPHA TV, an extraordinary meeting of the EUROGROUP is scheduled to take place upcoming Friday, on October 26th 2012.
According to same report, the Troika is expected to forward to Eurogroup officials its Greece’s report during the next 48 hours.
“The message from Brussels is to finish with the Greek issue as soon as possible and take advantage of the good climate towards Greece,” said Alpha TV correspondent.
So far there is no official confirmation on the Eurogroup meeting.
When reporters asked Finance Minister exiting a several hours lasting meeting of cabinet, Yiannis Stournaras said he wouldn’t know about such a Eurogroup meeting and “certainly not on Friday.”
Greek government and the Troika have agreed on the majority of the austerity measures of the 13.5 billion euro for 2013-2014, except for the labour rights. However on Sunday evening, it looks as if the two sides reached an agreement containing some bargain from both sides.
The Eurogroup meeting is the necessary step for Greece to have the green light turned on for the 31-billion-euro bailout tranche. A rescue tranche that will be used for the recapitalization of the Greek banks and for outstanding debts of the state to private suppliers.
Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said during the EU Summit, that Greece has liquidity until November 16th 2012.