The Future of Europe: EU foreign ministers mock European citizens

The Future of Europe: EU foreign ministers mock European citizens

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A group of 10 EU foreign ministers  is meeting to discuss the Future of Europe, proposing some lukewarm reforms of the EU system to save it. But more than that: When you read the interim report of the group, you can see that the reforms proposed are not just lukewarm, the foreign ministers seem to mock EU citizens.

In the first paragraph, it is written:

“What is more, the existing “narrative” of the European Union as an instrument for banishing war in Europe is no longer sufficient for today’s “Erasmus generation”. The fruits of integration, for example freedom of movement in the Schengen area, are advantages all too often taken for granted.”

Maybe our foreign ministers want to tell us that we, the ERASMUS generation take Schengen for granted. But maybe they first make their homework and stop attacking Schengen in such a way that all but the Eurosceptic groups in the European Parliament get so angry that they are ready to boycott the Danish Presidency.

Stop mocking us – you are attacking our with your nationalistic, border-loving policies, and you are destroying our freedoms with your policies while clapping your backs with self-congratulatory words!

Published on 21.06.2012 by Ronny Patz –


Westerwelle entwirft praktisch unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit „sein“ Europa.

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