Financial Warfare, Geopolitics and Macro-Economic Agendas. What Happens Behind the Scenes

Financial Warfare, Geopolitics and Macro-Economic Agendas. What Happens Behind the Scenes

So much is happening behind the scenes it’s mindboggling.
This past week we of course ended with “deal or no deal” over Greece. The “deal” the markets were hoping for really was no deal at all, the markets were only hoping for more time and ONLY more time.
You see, Greece is broke. They only have enough money for about another week, they don’t even have enough to make their early March debt payment.
The only possible “deal” from here on is to postpone reality. Greece cannot be allowed to make any deal other than one that puts THE deal out into the future.
They cannot accept more “aid” because the markets will see through this. They also cannot be allowed to exit because this would then be the thread which unravels the Eurozone. The only deal acceptable to the markets will be one where THE deal is not “dealt with”.
It is my belief that negotiations have been going on behind the scenes between Greece and the Sino-Russian alliance.
Would it not make sense for Russia and China to try to woo Greece?
Greece could be offered a pipeline deal. This would put people to work and Greece would actually receive an income royalty flow. From a financial standpoint, this is the very best avenue for Greece because of the income aspect, they will actually get something rather than owe more.
For Russia and China not to be offering Greece a deal would be plain dumb in my estimation.
Think about it, if Russia does build a pipeline through Turkey, “someone” has to build a pipeline through Greece.
Why wouldn’t Russia want to be “the good guy” and to their own benefit?
Bill Holter – Global Research