Gerald Celente: „This Is How the Fed Will Seize Your Money in 2023“

Gerald Celente: „This Is How the Fed Will Seize Your Money in 2023“


„I’ve never seen a decline that we’re looking at now, and [NATO] is ramping up the war in Ukraine into World War III,“ says trends forecaster and publisher of the Trends Journal, Gerald Celente.

„There’s going to be a false flag or a nuclear exchange to make this official,“ he grimly predicts on this episode of  Powershift: Outlook 2023.

Gerald discusses why people have been content with the Fed feeding them cheap money, „and the Fed may be less aggressive in raising interest rates this year and that’s why gold prices will go up.“

„China and Russia have united, the BRICS have united, and there are more of them than us… the United States‘ way out is with war,“ he tells Daniela Cambone.

„We are forecasting that this is going to be the year we go from dirty cash to digital trash… and this is the year [the U.S. government] is going to make a big push towards a digital currency,“ Celente states.

When they do, „gold is going to go through the roof,“ he continues.

„When the governments go fully digital, they are going to make it very hard for bitcoin… That’s the only way we see it going down,“ Celente predicts.

„It’s not about we the people, it’s about the ones running the show,“ he concludes.



some notes:

Most of Geralds firm convictions seem to be comprehensible but his outlook for Gold could be overshadowed by strict legal prohibition with only one dangerous loophole in the Western World: hidden economy, alternatively relocation into BRICS countries (but this could become a challenge as well).

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