UK reports 120,821 new infections in 45% fall in a week

UK reports 120,821 new infections in 45% fall in a week

Daily Covid cases fell by nearly 45 per cent in a week today in the biggest drop since Omicron took off — as an expert claimed the UK would be the first country in the northern hemisphere to tame the pandemic.

There were 120,821 new positive tests logged across the country over the past 24 hours, according to Government dashboard data, down from the pandemic high of 218,000 last Tuesday. It marks the sixth day in a row infections have fallen week-on-week and strongly suggests the fourth wave is subsiding in little over a month.  

There is now growing optimism the UK’s outbreak will follow a similar trajectory to South Africa’s, where the virus has almost completely fizzled out after becoming the Omicron epicentre in November. 

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UK Health Security Agency: Covid-19 vaccine surveillance reports

UK Health Security Agency: Covid-19 vaccine surveillance reports


COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report – 2021 – week 42




Four coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines have now been approved for use in the UK. Rigorous clinical trials have been undertaken to understand the immune response, safety profile and efficacy of these vaccines as part of the regulatory process.

Ongoing monitoring of the vaccines as they are rolled out in the population is important to continually ensure that clinical and public health guidance on the vaccination programme is built upon the best available evidence.

UK Health Security Agency, UKHSA, formerly Public Health England (PHE), works closely with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), NHS England, and other government, devolved administration and academic partners to monitor the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Details of the vaccine surveillance strategy are set on the page COVID-19: vaccine surveillance strategy (1). As with all vaccines, the safety of COVID-19 vaccines is continuously being monitored by the MHRA.

They conclude that overall, the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines outweigh any potential risks (source)

Vaccine effectiveness
Population impact
Vaccine effectiveness
Effectiveness against symptomatic disease
Effectiveness against hospitalisation
Effectiveness against mortality
Effectiveness against infection
Effectiveness against transmission
Population impact
Vaccine coverage
Vaccination status
Vaccine impact on proportion of population with antibodies to COVID-19

(page 22/23) Prevalence by age group

excerpt (see page 23):

Seropositivity estimates for S antibody in blood donors are likely to be higher than would be expected in the general population and this probably reflects the fact that donors are more likely to be vaccinated. Seropositivity estimates for N antibody will underestimate the proportion of the population previously infected due to (i) blood donors are potentially less likely to be exposed to natural infection than age matched individuals in the general population (ii) waning of the N antibody response over time and (iii) recent observations from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination.

Summary of impact on hospitalisations, infections and mortality

Ref: UKHSA gateway number GOV-10227 PDF565 KB29 pages


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