Treasury, Fed fear ‘stablecoins’ could disrupt financial system

Treasury, Fed fear ‘stablecoins’ could disrupt financial system

The Treasury Department is moving to rein in a new class of cryptocurrencies whose popularity as a payment method is skyrocketing, citing a need to head off potential risks to consumers and to the financial system.

So-called stablecoins — payment tokens that differ from other cryptocurrencies because their value is often pegged to the U.S. dollar — are drawing scrutiny because they have already been used in trillions of dollars’ worth of lightning-fast transactions and could transform the way Americans pay for things. Treasury and other regulators want to ensure that they’re reliable, even during financial panics.



Was sind Stablecoins? – Definition, Erklärung und Übersicht

Stablecoins werden als der “heilige Gral” der Kryptowährungen bezeichnet. Sie stillen ein Bedürfnis, das Kryptowährungen bisher nicht erfüllen konnten, den Wunsch nach Preisstabilität. Doch warum ist das so wichtig und wieso ist die Umsetzung so schwierig?