Biden taking over President Trump’s ‘Made in America’ plan

Biden taking over President Trump’s ‘Made in America’ plan



President Joe Biden is hoping to boost US manufacturing with a new executive order.
The order seeks to increase the amount of US-made goods being bought by the federal government.
It can be seen as a continuation of, or rival to, Trump’s „America First“ policy.

Per the White House briefing, the order is meant to:

-boost domestic manufacturing by increasing the threshold for how much of a product that must be made in the US before it can be purchased by an agency, and the amount it can cost relative to products made abroad.

-crack down on waivers that let agencies avoid the requirements.

-connect agencies with a network of domestic suppliers.

-require agencies reviews how they are implementing the rules.

-appoint a senior official to the Office of Management and Budget to enforce the order.

Biden’s „Made in America“ policies, however, can be seen as a continuation of, or rival to, Trump’s „America First“ policy.
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Was lernen wir daraus?
Biden setzt die Trump’sche Handelspolitik mit einem etwas modifizerten Zungenschlag fort.
Das in Rede stehende jährliche Einkaufsvolumen der US agencies umfasst Esperten zufolge etwa $600 Mrd.
Die Folge: entsprechende Importe, insbesondere aus China oder Europa dürften sich entsprechend verringern.

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