UK leaves EU’s Erasmus programme

UK leaves EU’s Erasmus programme

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the UK will not continue to participate in it and will be replacing it with a new scheme.

UK universities are still eligible to participate in Erasmus programmes – for now.

And as long as funding is awarded before the end of 2020, students and staff will be able to go ahead with their exchanges even if they take place after the end of the transition period.

Mr Johnson announced that the UK will be replacing Erasmus with a new scheme named after the mathematician Alan Turing.

He said leaving Erasmus had been a „tough decision“ but that under the new scheme, students would „have the opportunity… not just to go to European universities, but to go to the best universities in the world

Such a bright decision … and be certain, as one of the famous Oxonians, Johnson exactly know’s what he is talking about.

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