Cyprus‘ outgoing central bank chief hits back as replacement is named

Cyprus‘ outgoing central bank chief hits back as replacement is named
Cyprus’s outgoing central bank chief, Panicos Demetriades, has hit back after the government accused him of mishandling the island’s near economic collapse, as the Cypriot president, Nikos Anastasiades, wasted no time in appointing a replacement.
The centre-right leader, who had been openly at war with the bank chief, said he would install auditor-general Chrystalla Georghadji to the post just 15 hours after Demetriades resigned.
As it emerged that he had received a €250,000 payoff, Demetriades issued a statement that cited „personal and family reasons“ for his resignation and rejected claims he had failed to take adequate steps before the island’s banking collapse last spring.
Helena Smith – The Guardian
Panicos O. Demetriades – Profile
Panicos Onisiphorou Demetriades (born 19 January 1959) is a Cypriot economist, who is a European Central Bank Governing Council member and the Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus from 3 May 2012. Prior to his appointment, he was a Professor of Financial Economics at the University of Leicester.
Panicos O. Demetriades – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia// // // //

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