The Making of Merkel with Andrew Marr – BBC documentary 2013

The making of Angela Merkel, a German enigma


On the eve of the German federal elections, Andrew Marr looks at the enigmatic Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. She is the most important politician in Europe and the most powerful woman in the world. Yet she has been criticized by some for her lack of charisma and accused by others of trying to turn Europe into a Greater Germany.


Andrew Marr delves into her childhood and background to discover what has shaped her political vision and style.

Growing up in East Germany, the paranoid state at the heart of the Communist Eastern Bloc, then becoming a research scientist, she only entered politics in her mid-thirties after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Her political journey has been marked by caution and compromise – but with occasional flashes of ruthlessness and an unyielding commitment to European Union.


In this film, Andrew Marr lifts the veil on a very unusual politician.



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