Chevron wants more dialogue on Poland shale gas rules

Energy major Chevron said on Tuesday it was committed to shale gas exploration in Poland though it wanted more consultation with the government on draft amendments to rules before they are adopted.
Three foreign firms – Exxon Mobil, Talisman and Marathon – have pulled out of Polish shale gas, citing difficult geology and short-comings in the regulatory environment.
Industry lobby groups say the draft amendments to the hydrocarbons law, though better than previous versions, do not create the right conditions for firms to invest in Poland, which is seen by some in the industry as Europe’s best shale gas hope.
Christian Lowe – Reuters
Chevron’s Poland Fact Sheet (May 2014)
Chevron fracks Poland
A short documentary about the troubles Polish farmers have to face when the frackers invade their area. It shows what happened in the village of Rogow in South-Eastern Poland. This short film was made in 2011, but the problems surrounding shale gas extraction seem not to have changed since then, so it is very interesting as a case study.

[O-Tone polish but english subtitled]


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