Marc Faber: 44 Charts That Show Why The World Is Doomed

Marc Faber:
44 Charts That Show Why The World Is Doomed
In a new presentation given in Hong Kong to the London Bullion Market Association, Faber offers a thick stack of 44 charts that makes him very bearish on the global economy (via ZeroHedge). They include overviews of the emerging and evolving trends on debt, trade, stocks and commodities.
Faber points to the explosion of public and private debt and how they have been far outpacing GDP growth for the last 50 years. In this backdrop, the wealth gap between younger and older Americans have been widening.
Business Insider
Marc Faber’s Presentation
Nachtrag, 26.11.2012, 07:05h
„Die ganze Welt ist ein Kliff – Wir sind von Abgründen umzingelt“
Betrachtungen von Markus Gaertner

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